What Is Phone Cloning and How to Clone a Phone


Phone cloning refers to the transfer of cellular identity from one phone to the other and this can be done easily having a phone cloning application be installed in your device and then you can copy the specifications from one mobile to the other making one to look exactly as a copy or the clone of other device. This process is easy and can be done simply by the usage of cloning software. In order to go for the cloning approach as a whole on individual basis, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here:-

What Is Phone Cloning and How to Clone a Phone

How to Clone a Phone

1. Get the Clone Phone Application Installed:-

In order to clone a phone, you may choose to go for downloading the “clone phone” application to your device or you may make a text on “778899” and they will specify you the link to download the clone phone application that can be bought in use for cloning the phone exactly the way you wish to clone it.

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2. Verify the Number and then go For the Cloning Process:-

When you install the Clone Phone application in your device, it will ask you to confirm your number after you have installed and run it in a proper way. After the mobile number gets confirmed, you will simply need to reach the application settings, make the required execution and the phone will get cloned.

3. You Can Also Get It Professionally Done:-

In case there are some impediments faced by you while dealing with the cloning process, you may simply click on the help option provided or if the cloning process is beyond your reach, you may simply reach a professional and you may get it done professionally with the cyber markets of Delhi where the jobs like transfer of IMEI number and other such jobs are done.

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4. To Get The Backup Made:-

In case you just have got two similar sets and you wish to make them look like a copy of each other, you may simply choose to go for making a back up of the data and then copy it to the other device. The device will still be different as the IMEI will be different and in case you wish to get it changed as well, you will have to take the help of a professional.

5. Transfer the Motherboards:-

In case you wish to make a set cloned, you may also choose to go for the transfer of the mother board as well. Motherboards are loaded with IMEI number that will get shifted to the other set if you change the motherboards and thus the other set will become a clone of the first.

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