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How to Fix a Printer that Does Not Print

how to fix a printer

Printer is an output device that helps you get the print outs, or the hard copies of the data stored in your computer device or stored over the cloud. There are some mobile or tablet based gadgets that are equipped to take print outs wirelessly over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth wireless connection as well. Simply make a click and your print out gets made. It has been reported that some printers meet malfunctioning due to any reason after a certain interval of time and thus there comes a need to fix those flaws or problems which can be done following the tips that we are mentioning here.

how to fix a printer

How to Fix a Printer

1. Check If There Is Some Connection Problem:-

In order to fix a printer, first of all you will need to check if there is some connection problem with the printer that you are making use of and this includes you to check if the data cable is plugged properly or not and if the power cable is connected in a proper way or not.

2. If You Have Made The Requisite command Or Not:-

It is a problem with most of the printers that once you give a command for printing, the previous job if left undone will be completed first and then any rest action will be made afterwards and in case you had attached some other printer with system before, the previous job might need to be interrupted first.

3. Check If The Wiring’s Are Properly Made or Not:-

There are certain wires that the individual might have attached with the printer device to make the connections with multiple other devices and thus there may be a problem reported with these external connections as well. In case you are finding any sort of turbulence, these connections need to be double checked.

4. Check If The Cartridge Has Got Ink Or Not:-

In some of the cases like when we are using a dot matrix printer, it is that when the printer is not used for a large span of time, the ink gets dried and thus there may be a need felt to go for a new cartridge positioned within the printer.

5. Check If There Is Some Piece of Paper Stuck In It:-

In some of the cases, wither when you are using a big and bulky laser printer or some other bulk printer, you are likely to experience the page to get stuck in between the parts of printer near the drum where the ink gets positioned on the page and you might need to remove this paper first of all and then go for the rest of approaches.

6. Get the User Manual’s Help:-

In some of the cases where there is some inner fault with the printer device or you need some help regarding the change of cartridge or some other inner part of the printer, you may choose to get the desired help regarding it from the user manual as this one includes simply all the information regarding the parts of a printer as well as the way how it functions.

How to Do Business in Germany – German Culture and Law

How to Do Business in Germany


Germany is a country located in Europe with its capital as Berlin which is also its largest city. It includes 16 constituent states and covers an area of 357,021 square kilometers and has got endless opportunities for people who visit this place in search of work as well as a better livelihood. The population being nearly around 81,083,600 it generates endless opportunities for people and if you also choose this country as your target to make business, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here:- (How to Do Business in Germany)

How to Do Business in Germany

How to Do Business in Germany

1. Judge What You Are Good In:-

In order to establish a business for yourself in Germany, first of all you will have to judge what you are good in and this quality will prove to bring out the best in you. Simply bring the best use of your skills to decide what business you wish to make investments in and this would fetch you with a work that you will take keen interest to do.

2. Decide Your Business:-

In order to decide a perfect business for yourself, you just have to look at yourself and make an estimate about what is that your life worth’s. If you are good in sales, you can start an import and export business or if you are good in food making or taste, you can become a chef starting a food supply chain or else you can choose the profession depending on your skills. (How to Do Business in Germany)

3. Know the Corporations:-

The next step will be to know the corporations that you will need to visit in order to establish a business in Germany. For this purpose you may choose to visit a lawyer or you may even choose to set up a GMBH or a limited liability company drawing a notary based agreement with the shareholders.

4. The Taxes and Premiums:-

The next step will be to consider the taxes and their payment as well as the rules regarding the payment of them. The rest follows all about your premiums and their payments as well as the other such surcharges if any and the available modes of payment as well.

5. Hire a Lawyer:-

Establish the company or firm getting it registered going by the laws and these laws can be best bought to your knowledge arranging a meet up with a dedicated lawyer of that region. Though a lawyer may charge you with a nominal fees but that serves to be the best option. (How to Do Business in Germany)

6. Employment and Productivity:-

The rest if all based on productivity as well as employment options and for this purpose you should have enough initial capital available with you for investment of if you don’t have the money yourself, at least you should have links of people planning to invest in your business. (How to Do Business in Germany)


How To Create Beats

How To Create Beats


A beat is a kind of interference between two sounds of slightly different frequencies. You need the beat in order to sing along with it doing rap or to create the compositions. There are several kinds of instruments like tuning instruments, vocal instruments, beating instruments etc that can be bought in use for generating a beat and I personally think that there is no music or composition that can be generated or created without a beat. In order to create beats, you can choose to follows the simple steps that we are mentioning here:- (How To Create Beats)

How To Create Beats

How To Create Beats

1. Watch out Some Real Piece of Works:-

In order to learn how to create beats, you will have to first of all learn how the real piece of works is made. Simply have a look at the works done by professional in the field of beat making and this will make you have an idea what guts and nuts does beat making takes you to have in yourself.

2. Try out Rapping While Understanding the Structure of a Beat:-

There was a friend of mine who was the best rapper of our school. He would simply ask us to give him the beat and his combination of words would give a perfect combination of rap on the beat that we give him. You may also try out some such combination initially to try out what beat making exactly is about. (How To Create Beats)

3. Try out Instrumental Rhythms:-

Another better way to create beats is to try out instrumental rhythms in order to make beats. Rhythm means a repetition of sound within the same pattern. Have a look at a person who takes steps of equal length when he or she walks and then have a look at the individual with broken leg who walks very much unevenly. You would yourself notice the difference. This difference should be kept in consideration while making the beats as well.

4. Add Effects to Your Vocal Tone:-

Now when you have learnt the initial ways of making beats, you are advised to try out making the beats even more effective by adding effects to your vocal tone with the help of words added to it or to the words adding musical effects to it with instruments as both the ways can make an effective beat. (How To Create Beats)

5. Monitor the Track:-

Now that you have learnt the ways of beat making, you simply need to monitor the track and besides monitoring it you also need to eliminate the flaws with rhythm in it. Play the beat after you make it while recording it in some gadget and then listen to it yourself so as to eliminate the flaws in it.

6. Sing Along and the Beat is ready:-

Now after that you have made your beat free from the flaws, you may choose to try singing it along with the music and the beat gets ready for playing as well as circulation. Simply keep learning with each work that you make and besides keep taking inspiration from the other professional beat makers not trying to copy them but trying to create something new taking inspiration from their ways of beat making. (How To Create Beats)


Top 10 Important Tips and Tricks for Computer

10 Important Computer Tips and Tricks


Computer has become a thing of necessity rather than being a thing of need these days. It serves to be a second wife to men who keeps a record of all his things including the necessary files that he needs and just like a husband can’t think of surviving without a wife, a man these days can’t even survive with his computer device as well. While working with the computer, we often experience some problems that get hard to be tackled sometimes and in order to tackle such problems, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here. (Tips and Tricks for Computer)

10 Important Tips and Tricks for Computer

10 Important Tips and Tricks for Computer

1. Keep Softwares and Files in Drive Rather Than Keeping Them in Documents:-

First of all, you have been advised to have all the uninstalled software versions be kept in a folder inside the one of spare drives rather than to keep them inside the “My documents” or desktop as when the windows gets corrupted, the data in drives can be saved but the data on desktop and my documents always gets lost.

2. Keep on Clearing The temporary Files:-

There will be some temporary files that get created partially when you are using some of the software like a browser or some word processing software etc. this scrap or junk temporary file can be deleted immediately when you see it so as to have your computer working in a better way. (Tips and Tricks for Computer)

3. No Two Software of Similar Kind:-

It has also been seen that when you have got two software of similar kind run within the same device, the one software is likely to partially block some of the functions of the other software and thus this should also be kept in consideration.

4. Check for the Drivers If There Is Some Problem:-

In case you have got some new device which is not working, say you have got new speakers that work within some other gadget but are not working with your system; you will need special drivers for that gadget to operate with your system. (Tips and Tricks for Computer)

5. Set a Default Browser:-

If you are fed up of the fact that when you open a specific browser, the other one gets opened, you should reach the control panel and set the desired one as your default browser.

6. IDM For Downloading Fast:-

For better and faster downloading over the system, first that can be done is to increase its RAM and the second thing that can be done to it is to download IDM software in it to boost the internet speed. (Tips and Tricks for Computer)

7. Photoshop For Making Your Selfie Beautiful:-

The world today is the world of selfies or pictures and as everybody tries their best to make their pictures look perfect and blemishes free, you can download the Photoshop software in your computer so as to experiment with the backgrounds as well as clearing of the face marks or blemishes.

8. Do Not Click a Spam:-

Never try to access a mail that goes to the spam folder or is from someone you don’t recognize and even if you open it, do not download any free software that it shows. Never believe on the mails that you receive from unknown mail users. (Tips and Tricks for Computer)

9. Do Not Install Anything from Untrusted Site:-

There are various fraudulent websites that create a kind of mask for the website say you will actually be taking it as the reserve bank of India’s website but actually it will be some fraud trying to befool you and thus you should double watch if the link that you are clicking upon is perfect and real or not.

10. Do Not Share Till You Are Confirmed:-

Last but not the least, never click any mail that asks you for your ATM card’s number or password so as to transfer you the funds. No one in this world can make you a billionaire in seconds without your own hard work and thus stay away from giving your password to the fraudulent people. (Tips and Tricks for Computer)


6 Amazing Health Benefits of Sorghum

Health Benefits of Sorghum


Sorghum is a genus of plants in the grass family. This grassy grain and fodder plant product is packed with a number of health benefits for mankind. It is grown in pasture lands from where it is cultivated and then bought to other places because of these health benefits. Sorghum is found to be rich in anti-carcinogenic properties and it is a hub of proteins. It improves your digestive system and provides you with proper nutrient value. Sorghum is high in nutritional value and is a blend of antioxidants with immunity boosting value. Some of the health benefits of sorghum can be explained as follows:- (Health Benefits of Sorghum)

Health Benefits of Sorghum

Health Benefits of Sorghum

1. Packed With Proteins:-

If we look at the content chart of sorghum, it is completely packed with proteins. Your body gets 22 grams of protein with just a single cup of cooked sorghum. Protein is a body building food essential and thus the people who are on a gymming diet can add it to their daily routine to overcome their body’s protein needs.

2. Packed With Minerals:-

Sorghum is a good source of minerals like magnesium, copper, calcium, zinc and potassium etc. Each of these minerals protects us against a certain kind of health problem. For example, Potassium cures us against blood pressure problem; Calcium makes our bones and teeth strong enough. Magnesium, Copper and Zinc also have their own health benefits and thus these minerals are better taken in the form of sorghum. (Health Benefits of Sorghum)

3. Helps to Enhance Proper Metabolism:-

Sorghum helps us to enhance proper metabolism in the body. Sorghum also ensures the proper absorption of carbohydrates and nutrients in the body. It contains niacin and thiamin B-vitamins essential for body to cope up many health disorders. Besides this, when metabolism is healthy, the individual lives healthier.

4. High Content of Antioxidants and Photochemical:-

Sorghum contains a high content of antioxidants and photochemical in the form of tannins, phenolic acids, anthocyanins, phytosterols and policosanols etc. we know that antioxidants control the growth of free radicals in human body which otherwise bring about the growth of cancer cells to other parts of body. Thus Sorghum can also save your life against the spread of cancer. In a study, it has rather been declared that sorghum is beneficial against Melanoma cell growth and thus it should be adopted for sure in one’s diet. (Health Benefits of Sorghum)

5. Aids Digestion:-

Sorghum acts like a cupid’s arrow for those who have problems related to their digestive system. Sorghum improves your digestive system and enhances the process of digestion. People with issues related to digestion in their body can thus add Sorghum to their diet.

6. Helps to Manage Cholesterol:-

Amount of bad cholesterol in your body can make your heart really weak. In order to make your heart strong enough and to cope up with the heart disorders, it is necessary that you eliminate bad cholesterol from body. It has been universally proven that sorghum can help your body to manage the amount of cholesterol inside it and thus you can add sorghum to your diet in order to manage cholesterol in your body. (Health Benefits of Sorghum)


How to Whistle Loud and Clear

How to Whistle Loudly


Whistle refers to the sound that you make joining your lips together. A perfect timing, a perfect blow and a perfect technique makes you whistle perfectly and if you need to learn how to make whistle in a better way, you just need to learn the techniques involved in the same. The perfect placing of fingers, the perfect blow and simply everything else needed while blowing a whistle should be the best known to you before trying to make an attempt to be successful in the same and thus in order to make it happen, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here. (How to Whistle Loud)

How to Whistle Loud and Clear

How to Whistle Loud and Clear

1. Know the perfect arrangement of finger and lips:-

The best way to whistle out loud is to Place the tip of your fingers under your tongue and it being done right at the tip. Simply blow the air after making the position and the air would come out making sound that we regard as whistle.

2. Beginning the procedure:-

While beginning the procedure for making a whistle generated, simply push the tip of your tongue back with your fingers and then push your tongue back into your mouth till your first blow reaches your bottom lips and then simply try repeating the procedure. This will generate a whistle out of your blow. (How to Whistle Loud)

3. The whistling without fingers:-

I was not able to make my first whistle till the age of 16. I would try again and again but fail. One day I was not using my fingers to do that, but was trying to blow air out of my mouth in a way just like we do while giving a pose for a pout selfie with my lips joined together. When I tried to make a blow with force, the whistling sound got generated and it became my first successful attempt to be able to whistle.

4. the more the speed of air coming out, the more the whistle gets heard:-

Whistle comes out based only on a single principle and it is that the more force you apply while trying to make a whistle, the more sound will get generated and the more your whistle would be heard. The air should get a very narrow passage to pass through and thus make a perfect whistling kind of sound. (How to Whistle Loud)

5. Practice makes a man perfect:-

Someone has rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. Though you may not be able to make a perfectly sounding whistle in the first time and your whistle may just be limited to merely a blow of air but when you will keep on trying making three to four more unsuccessful attempts, you would find some improvement for sure and while keeping on improving like this, you would get sorted with regular practice. (How to Whistle Loud)


How to Sync Folders

How to Sync Folders


A folder can be explained as a dedicated storage site in any memory location that can be added or stored with files including images, songs, data, or simply any other kind of storage media. Windows gives you an option to keep your folders in synchronization so that your files may be able to be kept up to date and for networking purposes. In order to synchronize your folders within any memory location, you simply need to follow some easy tips some of which have been explained by us here in this article. (How to Sync Folders)

How to Sync Folders

How to Sync Folders

1. Open up the Dedicated Folder with Files in It: –

In order to synchronize the folders, first of all open up the dedicated folder with files in it that are subjected to be updated. If you open up this folder, the files will be shown to you. These files would be later on dragged to the briefcase so as to make them get synchronized.

2. Click the “New” Option to Create a New Briefcase: –

Now either create a new folder or in the same folder makes a left click and then clicks the “New” option and then select the new briefcase to create a new briefcase in the same folder. The new briefcase would act as a storage hub for the files that you wish to be synchronized. (How to Sync Folders)

3. Drag The Desired Files To This Briefcase Created: –

Now to the new briefcase so created, you have to drag the desired files and after dragging them to the briefcase, now the briefcase can be opened up to access those files. This briefcase won’t have a name now and would be given a name by default from the computer’s side.

4. Give It a Name using the rename option: –

As everything without a name gets lost, you have to give a new name to this briefcase now. Simply make a left click over the briefcase icon and then click the rename option. Give it a new name says “Synchronize folder” and click the Ok button. The briefcase’s name would get changed like this. (How to Sync Folders)

5. Take It to Your Memory Card or Pen Drive: –

Now, after your briefcase has got its own name, you can import or export it to any device say a memory card or pen drive. Simply plug it to the desired USB port, wait for the device to get recognized and installed in the computer and then drag the briefcase to this new memory location.

6. Make Changes using it in another Computer and Then Position It Back To the Previous Computer: –

Now, after you have exported the briefcase to the other memory unit, you may choose to make changes to the files in it using another computer and then position it back with changes made to the previous computer. In order to synchronize the files simply make a Right click over it and choose “Update all”. (How to Sync Folders)


How to Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8 and 8.1?

How to Upgrade To Windows 10?


Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system that has been released by Microsoft as a part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. It was released for users in the year of 2015 and just after its arrival, the users begin longing to have this version of the operating system as many new updates were added to it. It is simply an example of universal application architecture in operating systems according to Microsoft and if you wish to upgrade your system to windows 10, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Upgrade To Windows 10?

How to Upgrade to Windows 10

1. Check the Eligibility of Your System for Windows Ten:-

In order to upgrade to Microsoft Windows-10, you will first of all need to check if your system is eligible for upgrade or not. If you are having the Latest version of windows 8 or 8.1, you can get it for free. Or if you don’t have one of these windows version installed on your device, you may simply reach Microsoft’s website and check if your system supports an upgrade or not.

2. You have to switch To the Administrator and Take Back Up Of the Data:-

If you have got multiple user modes in your computer, say administrator, guest, child, father etc. you can’t have an access to system update till you switch to the administrator mode switching off all the other modes. Then you have to take up the backup of data and then upgrade process can be started then. (How to Upgrade to Windows 10)

3. Reach the Control Panel and Then Click System and Security Options for Update Options:-

There is a dedicated option for windows update in every computer’s window. In order to update the system with windows-10 thus you simply need to switch to the admin mode and then reach the control panel clicking system and security options to make the upgrade take place with the system. (How to Upgrade to Windows 10)

4. Wait for the Windows Ten Prompt:-

Now, after you have done all what I have mentioned you to do after reaching the control panel, you would be displayed with a message on screen and after that you just have Follow the directions that you are displayed with on screen. The screen will forward you to the windows update and you will get sorted.

5. Get a Professional Version of Windows Ten from an Authentic Seller:-

In case the update shows error but your system is compatible with windows 10 version, it might be tat the processor needs to be upgraded or that RAM needs to be increased. In other cases you can also get a professional version of windows ten from an authentic seller. (How to Upgrade to Windows 10)

6. Keep Checking Microsoft’s Website for More Updates:-

In case there is some problem with the download, Microsoft will let you know when the next upgrade can be made or else you can simply get your copy of professional version of windows and install them manually by following the dedicated instructions entering the key. For more updates keep checking the Microsoft website. (How to Upgrade to Windows 10)


6 Reasons Why Do We Get Tired

Why Do We Get Tired


Getting tired refer to the human condition in which the body joints and muscles start aching and the person feels it is impossible for him or her to make more efforts regarding something or some work. Though such an individual may choose to keep on working, but the level of tiredness will keep on increasing with each amount of efforts added to your schedule and this often may leave you with a question, why we get tired and to get answer for the same, you may read the further lines. (Why Do We Get Tired)

Why Do We Get Tired

Why Do We Get Tired

1. Even Body Is a Machine:-

True is when we say that even body is a machine. The human body gets tired because of work load that the entire span of day is likely to make him experience. The human body also needs rest like any other machine does and as if used continuously for a long period of time the other machines get heated and start malfunctioning, even the human body gets tired because of the same reason.

2. It Also Needs Some Rest:-

Now, as the human body keeps on functioning 24×7, it needs some rest to get energized for the next day’s jobs and this is why we need to have some rest in our schedule for energizing ourselves. The feeling of tiredness that the human body undergoes is itself a signal that the human body needs some rest. (Why Do We Get Tired)

3. The Damage That Has Been Done To The Body:-

After the regular stressful jobs that we do lifting the objects and running and moving so as to do some works of daily routine, there is a kind of damage that gets done to the human body and this is why even it needs some rest to be provided for getting energized for the recovery of that damage.

4. The Excessive Efforts made:-

When we are going for regular workouts, it is likely that some damage will also be made to the body and this damage is shown as the sign of tiredness to the people. The people get tired as a sign that they have done excessive efforts and now the body needs some spare time for it to get back to normal. (Why Do We Get Tired)

5. To Fortify Yourself For The Next Day:-

Often when you get tired, it means that the body’s energy level is low and you need to fortify yourself now for the next day. The next time when you feel tired, it simply means that you need to provide yourself some good diet rich in nutrients that can make you feel energized again.

6. As A Signal That You Need To Stop Now:-

Sometimes the feeling of tiredness can even be seen as a sign that you need to stop now and that you have done tremendously high level of efforts that have left your body devastated and tired which means you should go for taking rest and energize yourself before going for some other work. (Why Do We Get Tired)


What Is Phone Cloning and How to Clone a Phone

What Is Phone Cloning and How to Clone a Phone


Phone cloning refers to the transfer of cellular identity from one phone to the other and this can be done easily having a phone cloning application be installed in your device and then you can copy the specifications from one mobile to the other making one to look exactly as a copy or the clone of other device. This process is easy and can be done simply by the usage of cloning software. In order to go for the cloning approach as a whole on individual basis, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here:- (How to Clone a Phone)

What Is Phone Cloning and How to Clone a Phone

How to Clone a Phone

1. Get the Clone Phone Application Installed:-

In order to clone a phone, you may choose to go for downloading the “clone phone” application to your device or you may make a text on “778899” and they will specify you the link to download the clone phone application that can be bought in use for cloning the phone exactly the way you wish to clone it.

2. Verify the Number and then go For the Cloning Process:-

When you install the Clone Phone application in your device, it will ask you to confirm your number after you have installed and run it in a proper way. After the mobile number gets confirmed, you will simply need to reach the application settings, make the required execution and the phone will get cloned. (How to Clone a Phone)

3. You Can Also Get It Professionally Done:-

In case there are some impediments faced by you while dealing with the cloning process, you may simply click on the help option provided or if the cloning process is beyond your reach, you may simply reach a professional and you may get it done professionally with the cyber markets of Delhi where the jobs like transfer of IMEI number and other such jobs are done.

4. To Get The Backup Made:-

In case you just have got two similar sets and you wish to make them look like a copy of each other, you may simply choose to go for making a back up of the data and then copy it to the other device. The device will still be different as the IMEI will be different and in case you wish to get it changed as well, you will have to take the help of a professional. (How to Clone a Phone)

5. Transfer the Motherboards:-

In case you wish to make a set cloned, you may also choose to go for the transfer of the mother board as well. Motherboards are loaded with IMEI number that will get shifted to the other set if you change the motherboards and thus the other set will become a clone of the first. (How to Clone a Phone)