How to Check Your Boyfriend is Loyal or Not

How to Check Your Boyfriend is Loyal or Not


The world today is full of frauds; same is the case with boys. While going for a relation you should judge either your partner is compatible for that or not. Remember, you can’t do anything once you accept his proposal and even if you ask for a break up it will be enough to make you frustrated as it is easy to trust someone, but much difficult to bear the pain after the trust is broken, this problem can be tackled by taking the loyalty test of that boy and thus in this article, we are up with some tricks to check if your boyfriend is loyal to you or not, some of which are as follows:-

How to Check Your Boyfriend is Loyal or Not

How to Check Your Boyfriend is Loyal or Not

1. Become Somebody Else:-

The best way to know what your boyfriend is from inside is to become somebody else and start chatting with him. You just need to make a fake profile with pictures of somebody sexier than you, but remember the profile should look genuine and appealing to him. Change your chatting style and keep on changing pics for some days. If he is a flirt in true since, he is sure to send you a message and if he does not, send him a message you’re self that you want to make friendship with him. If he is fake, he is sure to react or if he does not do those just try to trust him.

2. Take Help of Somebody Bolder And Sexy Than You:-

There must be some of your female friends that look sexier than you, is not it? Ask them for help and ask them to do a favor for you and tell them to start flirting with your partner. If he is a fake one, he is sure to leave you and is sure to try to get in touch with your friend and if he does not, he is genuine and you should try to trust him.

3. Fake Call:-

Convince one of your friends to make a fake call to your boyfriend’s mobile and ask her to start a fake Whatsapp conversation with him. If he is fake, he would take it as an advantage as you can’t ever get a clue that calls him and thus is likely to show his real face and if he still remains normal and asks the girl to stop following him, he is genuine in true sense.

4. Fake Love Letter:-

Send him a fake love letter with some love quotes or some Shayari or beautiful poem written on it in somebody else hand writing and somebody else name on it. Tell him you love him and want to meet for a date and send some other girl from your friend circle to meet him. If he shows interest in the girl, he is a fake guy and if he says “I am sorry”, he is genuine and you should start trusting him.

5. Spy Over Him From Distance:-

The last thing you can do is to spy over his activities from a distance. You can keep a watch over his deeds and the girls he meets but remember to be professional and keep your identity hidden, he should not get a clue that you were spying on him.

6. Ask Him To Get Married:-

If you are a mature girl and your relation has got too much physical, but you fear the guy might leave you someday and is just using you physically, you can ask him to get married. If he is a fraud, he is sure to say a big “No” in response to your answer, or if he still talks like he is to stand on his legs first or has to make his career, ask him you want to meet his parents. If he is a fraud, he will never make you meet his parents.


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