How To Speed Up Your Computer

How To Speed Up Your Computer


with hours of internet surfing and data downloading and playing of heavy games or running of heavy software’s that have to download the extra data from the internet, the computer starts getting slower day by day. And even if the CPU is located in area with dust, it is likely to get dirt deposited in it. Or when your computer has got excess trash in or even if there is no dirt in your house, but the computer is not cleaned on a regular bias, you are likely to have a computer a bit slower than the day you purchased it.

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How To Speed Up Your Computer

How Can I Speed Up My Computer?

Speeding your computer is not a tough job; you just need to follow some simple steps in order to make it a bit faster.

Clean The Junk/Extra Files :-

there are some extra files in your computer that are of no use, the extra files take up extra memory in your computer and make it a bit slow. Go to the run option in your start menu and type temp or %temp% or prefetch or tree or cleanmgr and press enter key. The temporary files folder gets opened and there you can delete all the temporary files to make your computer a bit faster.

Antivirus Scan :-

though you have an antivirus installed in your computer, still there may be some of files in your computer that are of no use, some viruses are capable enough to tell you which file is of no use to you and needs to be deleted to make the computer more fast.

Install A C-Cleaner :-

there are some files that you don’t find but still are feeding on the space of your computer, in these cases you can get a cleaner installed in your computer that makes free the excess memory taken by these files and makes your computer more faster. The C-cleaner software cleans the C-drive in your computer including the downloaded files and web history.

Clean The Dirt In Your Computer Devices :-

even the devices need to be cleaned after certain interval of time as the humans do. When the CPU is kept for a long interval at a same place, dirts accumulates in it and sticks to the RAM and CPU fan etc. you need to open the back nuts of the C.P.U and just neatly clean the excess dirt with a cotton ball and gently take out the RAM of the device and clean it with a dry cloth and put it back in the slot where it was switched earlier. Screw up all the nuts again and use your computer, it gets faster after cleaning the dirt.

Boost Your Computer’s Ram :-

there are two slots of RAM in a computer, suppose you have a 512 MB ram in your computer and you want a faster gadget then you can purchase another ram chip of desired memory 512 mb/1gb /2GB etc and get it installed in the other slot and increase the speed of your computer. But remember to be careful while doing so. Take the help of an expert if you can.


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