How to Make a Realistic Face Mask of a Human

How To Make Realistic Face Masks


The best way to make a realistic face mask is to start with a real human face. For this take the help of the partner and you can enjoy the realistic face mask. If you are the person who will wear the face mask, ask your partner to build the mask for you.

How to Make a Realistic Face Mask of a Human

How to Make a Realistic Face Mask of a Human

Realistic masks are made of soft latex which means one can achieve the same type of results that actors get with expensive SPFX masks. Holes in the mouth and nose enables one to drink and breathe.

A company that sells “movie quality” silicon masks that incorporate human hair to achieve  its advert call “ultra high realism”.

There are some ideas which will allow you to make realistic face masks and you can achieve a new and innovative look. Take a look to these ideas-

  • Terrifying Zombie
  • Haunted wooden Ventriloquist Doll
  • Screaming Harlequin Girl
  • Exposed Skull
  • Comic Book
  • Zipper Face Mask
  • Zombie-Fairy Glam
  • Demon Girl
  • Fresh Facial Wound
  • Faced Girl
  • Old Wrinkly Vampire
  • Ice Queen

How to make a Realistic Face Mask

  • Preparing the work space and subject
  • Prepare the work area
  • Prepare your supplies such as silicon, clay,latex. First decide which face you have to make and then select from wide range available.
  • Prepare your subject
  • Constructing the mask
  • Ask your subject to get into position
  • Rub petroleum jelly all over your subject’s face
  • Construct the first layer of the mask
  • Examine the base layer for weak areas

Make the second layer

  • Take a break and let the mask set

Start with a third layer

  • Let it dry for a time
  • Remove the mask

Finish the mask

  • Attach additional elements with more strips
  • Smooth the surface of the mask
  • Decorate the mask

The masks, which have only been in the market from a couple of years, which have shown a particularly effective because of perfect facial expressions.

Creating Realistic SPFX Masks

SPFX masks are extremely high quality wearable masks made from stat-of-the –art silicon and designed to conform to your own face. Silicon masks are very unique and are an Industry’s first choice. SPFX masks are invented, designed and introduced the first ever silicone masks.

With this doctors recommend different ways and do various artistic objectives to uplift the facial design. They recommend the facial requirements according to the desires of an individual. Doctors go through various procedures and then recommend the whole procedure through which they can uplift the face. Surgeons provide different designs to the face and this help them to establish themselves. this helps them to earn money and earn reputation.

All individuals seek cosmetic surgeons and with their help they can make a career in the field of celebrity. This helps one to achieve its place in the field of media. A doctor undergoes a several tests before performing a surgery on the face of patient. It is said that one should give their face in the hands of experts so that they can have maximum result and positive outcome. For the positive outcome of the surgery one has to opt for experts’ advice.  They meet the desires of the patient and with this they can give maximum output to the patient.


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