How to Obtain a Copy of Your Credit File?

How to Obtain a Copy of Your Credit File?


A credit file is basically a credit report such as a utilities account, credit card debt details, personal loan or mortgage file, mobile phone contract etc. A credit file contains the information about your past financial behavior and credit record. Credit report helps the lenders to decide if your application should be approved or rejected when you apply for a new credit card or mortgage and thus when you apply for such an application in a firm, they are likely to ask you to bring a credit report. In order to get a copy of your credit file or credit report, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Obtain a Copy of Your Credit File?

How to Obtain a Copy of Your Credit File

1. Contact Your Credit Reporting Agency:-

When you wish to get a report of your credit file, I am sure that you must be aware about its credit reporting agency as well. Now the same credit reporting agency can be contacted online by searching for its website or webpage on internet to get a credit file. Meanwhile you can also visit their product packages and other services.

2. If Your Application Gets Declined or Lodged with a Correction Request:-

Suppose you have lodged a correction request of details in a credit based firm and they advised you a correction of details, you can ask them for a free credit report. In order to assure that the information on your file has been corrected by them or to check what still needs to be corrected in it. One can easily get a free credit file once a year from his credit reporting company.

3. Order It by Phone:-

There is always a dedicated contact number related with every credit reporting firm. You can find it on any of their documents preserved with you or you can even reach the office itself to ask for the helpline. You can write the name of your credit reporting agency on any search engine of internet to search about their contact number as well.

4. Order It by Mail:-

Another option available here is to order a credit file through an offline mail. Just search about the mailing address contact of your credit reporting agency from Internet and then send them a mail asking them for a credit report mentioning your reason why you need it. Most of the credit reporting agencies give it for free.

5. Never Befool Yourself by Free Credit Report Providers:-

You will find many such advertisements on internet claiming to give you a free credit file. Most of these websites ask you to complete a task before giving you the credit file and thus you are still paying for it. You should not befool yourself by these fake free credit providers and instead you should rely just on your credit reporting company only.

6. It Is Always Better To Reach the Reporting Agency directly:-

It is always advised that you reach the credit reporting company or agency to get a credit report. Your free credit report never includes a credit score and thus you can work out on an analysis of your credit file to judge the credit score or you can purchase it directly from credit reporting agencies and scoring companies as well.


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