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How to Build a Porch Attached to a House

How to Build a Porch


You must be familiar with a deck right? Well, it is a base with your house that we make in the front of it like a balcony to stand or sit on it as a main entry of the house with the grills fixed with it and if we make it with a rooftop, The deck will be called a porch as it has got a head over it and thus to have a deck with top or a porch is a great idea. Just imagine it is raining and you are enjoying some snacks sitting with your darling on a sofa kept on the deck and you can’t even get wet as there is a head over it. In case you need to build a porch with your house, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here. (How to Build a Porch)

How to Build a Porch

How to Build a Porch

1. Build the Deck Base:-

In order to build a porch, you will first of all need to build the deck base, This will include you to make use of the wooden pieces of timber for the making of base that will be layered with the pieces of timber again and the will cover the plywood on the top with some flooring made over it. (How to Build a Porch)

2. Make the Timber Fixings:-

First of all, we build the base, not after the base has been made, we are free to make the timer fixings keeping them cut readily in the desired size of wooden sheets that we will fix up with the iron nails dug deep in them. Now, after the wooden blocks have been positioned in a proper way, we will simply fix the flooring tiles positioning them with the help of ivory tile chemical at the proper place.

3. Fixing the Grill:-

Now when the timber fixings have been made, you will be required to go for fixing the grill with the associated part of the porch. The grills should have equal space between them and thus it will make your porch get the perfectly matching look for this purpose. (How to Build a Porch)

4. Fixing the Pillars:-

Now when the deck is build, we will position wooden pillars at the corners and then the process of building the roof for this deck will begin. Simply position the pillars, arrange a wooden timber sheet over them and then nail up those sheets. Now, after the approach has been completed, we will against go for the layering process so as to not let anything pass through the roof.

5. Wooden Timber for Making the Roof:-

Now we will use the wooden timber for making the roof. These wooden pieces of timber will be equipped with tiles or vinyl flooring over it and then we will go for the final touch. You may also choose to lay a tarpaulin sheet over the roof to prevent the wood from getting spoiled because of water. (How to Build a Porch)

6. The Final Touch:-

Now it is the time to give a final touch to the porch that we have made. We will simply paint it up, shape it up and then make it get shining. The porch will be ready this way and you can have some furniture kept on the deck of it now to sit and enjoy the weather. (How to Build a Porch)


How to Do Calligraphy

How to Do Calligraphy


Calligraphy refers to hand writing. The more beautiful and eligible your handwriting is, the easier it gets for you to win a calligraphy competition. Winning calligraphy competition is just like winning a drawing competition. The more beautiful the page looks, the more marks you get and calligraphy also helps to make your hand writing well and to help you secure good marks. In case you also wish to go for calligraphy and try to improve your hand, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here:- (How to Do Calligraphy)

How to Do Calligraphy

How to Do Calligraphy

1. Use Write Along Notebooks:-

There are various write along hand writing improvement notebooks available on almost all the leading book stores and thus you may choose to purchase one for yourself in order to go for calligraphy practice so as to write along with it and to improve your hand writing.

2. Try Making a Spare Notebook for This Purpose:-

If you do not find any hand writing or calligraphy based notebook, you may also choose to go for purchasing a spare note book for this purpose writing daily a page of writing in it with a good hand. Try to imitate someone else’s writing as it is and even your hand will start getting improved. (How to Do Calligraphy)

3. Meet a Person with Good Handwriting and Get a Page Written by Him:-

Simply meet a person with good handwriting in your knowledge and ask him for a favor. To get a page written in his hand writing for you and try to copy this hand writing exactly. Write daily a page trying to copy his or her hand writing and soon your hand writing will start getting improved.

4. Practice Daily Trying to Copy His Hand Writing:-

Simply by following this approach for a few weeks, you will observe a change for sure in your hand writing and thus you should keep on practicing and you should not leave practice of hand writing. Keep practicing daily so as to have betterment of your hand writing and to make your hand legible. (How to Do Calligraphy)

5. Follow the Dot Completion Procedure:-

When children are not able to write something, they are taught this with the help of dots joining approach. Simply make dots in the desired shape, try to join them and then try to copy the same writing without using any dots. This time you will be able to make a perfect shape of words that are easy to recognize and legible as well.

6. Take it as a Subject of Arts and Keep It Fair As Well As eligible:-

A child makes awesome drawing not because someone has taught this to him but because he is creative and creativity is contagious. If you take hand writing as another form of creativity and you try to design the words like you do while making your arts of drawing, the calligraphy practice will become an easy approach for you and thus you will be able to keep it fair as well as legible. Remember one thing more and that is not to use rubber till it is not very much essential as multiple rubbing sessions with rubber can even tear or spoil the page. (How to Do Calligraphy)


Why Kidney Stones Are Formed?

6 Reasons Why Kidney Stones Are Formed - HowFlux


A kidney stone is basically a hard mass that gets formed in the kidney of an individual because of the collection of minerals and salts at a place being accumulated and then collecting together to form a stone like creation. A person with kidney stones is likely to undergo a severe pain in some of the cases and thus there various approaches are employed so as to make these minerals get diluted and to make the kidney stones get diluted and to get rid of them. Talking in brief why the kidney stones get formed, you may consider the following what we are mentioning here. (Why Kidney Stones Are Formed)

6 Reasons Why Kidney Stones Are Formed - HowFlux

Why Kidney Stones Are Formed?

1. When Your Urine Is Rich in More Crystal Forming Substances:-

Talking to the experts, they say that stones in kidney are always a result or rather an ill result of products that we have got in our urine. As we know that kidneys are the organs that perform the process of purification, the main organ affected because of these products and talking about what exactly is included in these products that result in the formation of stones in kidney, this mainly consists of all what can result in the formation of crystals in kidney composed of minerals and salts.

2. When the Kidney Perform the Purification Process, the Crystals Get Formed:-

As an individual’s urine gets highly rich in crystal forming substances, there is a risk for kidney stones to get formed. The kidneys are designated for the process of purification and when the kidneys are busy in this job, the crystal forming substances collect together to form stones or you may say the hard crystals that often block the ways of kidney causing pain. (Why Kidney Stones Are Formed)

3. Calcium, Oxalate and Uric Acid Being the Main Culprit to It:-

I have told you earlier that it is the crystal forming substances that result in the formation of kidney stones. The exact composition of these substances includes Calcium, Oxalate and Uric acid. Calcium stones can be diluted if you drink more and more fluids.

4. Becomes A Major Problem When It Falls Into The Uretur: –

There is no problem with most of the kidney stones and they keep on forming and getting diluted with no pain being caused to the individual. The pain occurs in case the stone falls to the uretur, and when this has happened, the way for urine to get out or eject gets blocked what causes the situation to get worse.

5. The Pain Is Caused When Functioning Of Kidney Gets Disrupted:-

The most of the pain that you feel because of a stone in the kidney is because the kidney stone disrupts the functioning of the kidney and it is better you either meet a doctor or try to get the stone diluted in such cases as it may cause a severe pain to you. (Why Kidney Stones Are Formed)

6. Drink more and More Water and Fluids to Dilute the Kidney Stones:-

There is only one single way to dilute the kidney stones and it is to drink more and more fluids and to drink more and more water. The water when added to the components of these stones makes the mineral content get mixed with it and the stone gets diluted making you get rid of the pain caused. (Why Kidney Stones Are Formed)


How to Raise Testosterone Levels Naturally

How to Raise Testosterone Levels Naturally


We know that the functional changes in human body are bought about by the hormones and if we talk about the human hormones that help in development of male or female characteristics, these ones are also separate designated hormones. The testosterone is a hormone that I would call the hormone of men-hood and estrogen I would regard the hormone of female-hood. Though both the hormones are present in males as well as females, but in case of females estrogen should be in access and in case of males testosterone should be in access. If you are a male and you feel like your testosterone is being converted to estrogen or it is that there is lack of testosterone in your body, you may raise its level following the tips that we are mentioning here:- (How to Raise Testosterone Levels)

How to Raise Testosterone Levels Naturally

How to Raise Testosterone Levels Naturally

1. Exercise even more and more:-

The best way to boost up the levels of testosterone in human body is to end up the levels of estrogen from it and for this purpose vigorous exercising is advised. Simply start exercising to the very first thing in morning or evening beginning with warm up and ending with running added with the other exercises like yoga or aerobic ones.

2. Go for Gymming:-

The other approach that you may choose to add to your schedule is to go for joining some good gym in order to boost the level of testosterone as it has been seen that the tough workout that we do in gyms actually boosts up the level of testosterone hormone in the body. (How to Raise Testosterone Levels)

3. Shed Your Sweat:-

Do simply everything that helps you in shedding some sweat out of the body. The more the sweat comes out of the body, the less estrogen level you have and the more testosterone you have in your body. Start drinking more fluids and prefer walking or running instead of driving a car.

4. Eat Testosterone Booster Foods:-

There is also some food items that are proven to improve the level of estrogen in human body and to prevent the testosterone from getting converted to estrogen. Simply meet your health professional and consult him or her all such sort of food items and add them to your schedule in order to help yourself with the testosterone level in the body. (How to Raise Testosterone Levels)

5. Take Advice from Doctor:-

There can also be some food supplements that you may choose to get recommended from some sexual health specialist or you may rely on the herbal approaches for this. You may also boost the level of testosterone by simply adding some extra labor to your schedule as well.

6. Have Testosterone Booster Pills:-

There can also be some pills that the doctor may recommend you to eat in order to boost the level of testosterone in the body. Simply get the dosage recommended, complete the course of medicines plus keep continuing with your schedule adding with exercises. The testosterone levels are sure to get boosted following a schedule full of exercises and a complete estrogen blocking diet chart. (How to Raise Testosterone Levels)


How to Comfort a Friend

How to Comfort a Friend


Sometimes in life, it is that our friend is crying and we also find no way out to help him or her. People say that friends have got benefits and if you can’t make a friend comforted in bad time, you are not a friend as well. In such situations, you simply need to understand what your friend is going through and you can have a better estimate of what can be done in this situation proving you to be a friend in need as well as a friend indeed. In order to comfort a friend, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here. (How to Comfort a Friend)

How to Comfort a Friend

How to Comfort a Friend

1. Try to Talk to Your Friend and Ask the Reason:-

In order to comfort a friend, you may begin the first with trying to talk with him and asking him the reason while trying to console him or her in a friendly manner. Your voice should have a low pitch and besides this it should have a comforting tone. Do not try to force friend even if he or she does not wants to tell you the reason.

2. When No Answer is received:-

In case no answer is received, try to make him or her swear by your name that he or she would have to tell what has happened to him or her if you are taken as a friend. Try to use an emotional approach while doing this and try to use every sort of emotional word that you can use with your friend. (How to Comfort a Friend)

3. Be Responsible, Patient As Well As Calm At This Time: –

You should never ever make your friend feel you are just making a formality and besides being responsible, you should adopt a mature kind of approach in dealing with your friend being calm and patient while trying to comfort him or her as a slight haste made from your side is enough to spoil the mood of your friend and to make the matter even worse than before. (How to Comfort a Friend)

4. Adopt A Friendly, Slow and Mature Tone:-

You should adopt a friendly as well as slow and mature kind of tone while trying to deal with a friend in order to comfort him or her as if else you try to show anger or frustration, they would cry even louder and instead of getting comforted, their pain would get even more increased.

5. When Tears Do Not Stop:-

This generally happens in the case of females that they do not tell you anything till last and just keep on sobbing tears as if you would yourself have to get an idea about all what has happened and they won’t tell you anything at any cost. In that case you should speak nothing and just hug that female trying to comfort her and that too while using the consoling words. The best thing about a hug is that one size fits all let it be a male or female and just a single dose is enough for all the tears to be wiped out. (How to Comfort a Friend)


How to Fix an xBox 360

How to Fix an xBox 360


X-Box 360 is a gaming console that had once bought a shift in the number of gaming console users.  The fans of this gaming console are not even yet reduced, but there are some flaws reported with the gaming console sometimes and thus there comes a need to get bit fixed and often when we meet such problems, most of us have no idea how to fix it back to normal and thus here we have come with some tips for you to fix it back to normal in a better way. (How to Fix an xBox 360)

How to Fix an xBox 360

How to Fix an xBox 360

1. In Case the System Has Got heated:-

It has been reported sometimes the system gets overheated and thus meets malfunctioning. In case the system has got over heated, try out cooling it by switching it off and switching on the air conditioner or if the room does not have an air conditioner in it, try switching on the fan for a while. Plug in the X-box once again and you will find that it has started working once again. (How to Fix an xBox 360)

2. In Case There Is Some Wiring Problem:-

In some cases, when the power cables meet a short circuit, then also the system is likely to stop functioning or in case there is some system power crisis, simply detach the accessories, switch off the system and assemble it again, it will start functioning. (How to Fix an xBox 360)

3.  Try Cleaning The System Cache:-

In some of the cases, the system gets flooded because of the games that require an active internet connection to stay in touch with the gamers all over the world and thus the cache memory needs to be cleared every now and them to boost the system functioning.

4. Check out for the hardware problems:-

In most of the cases, there is either a failure of RAM or it is that some hardware or a part of it has started malfunctioning which has become a crisis for you and your X-BOX 360. Simply consult the hardware with some expert and resolve the problems with system hardware in a better way. (How to Fix an xBox 360)

5. Try Plugging In To A Different Outlet:-

It may be the reason that the outlet in  which the apparatus has been plugged in has malfunctioned or has not been recognized by the system and thus you are required to try plugging in a different outlet for such circumstances to resolve your problem with the X-Box 360

6. Disconnect All the Accessories and Connect Them Back Again After Some Time:-

Try out disconnecting all the accessories that you have got positioned with the system and then connect them back again with the system after some time. The overheated CPU is a crisis to much of the system and hardware problems, try applying some approaches that can help you keep the system cool while it is in operation. Avoid sitting on the system seat for hours as even the over usage of X-Box 360 must have resulted in it. After all, even it is a machine and like humans, even the machines require proper rest. (How to Fix an xBox 360)


How To Wear Leggings (With Pictures)

How To Wear Leggings


Leggings are something that can define the entire posture of a women, with much of craze for leggings among teenage girls and women, they are definitely not pants and need enough care while purchasing and wearing as a slight malfunctioning with it, is enough to spoil your looks and image rather. Thus there is a great need to be careful while purchasing it for wearing anywhere. (How To Wear Leggings )

How To Wear Leggings

How To Wear Leggings

Why Do I Need To Be Careful While Choosing For Leggings?

Leggings that fit too loose can make your looks spoil by making you look skinny or leggings that are too tight may make your body get suffocated or feel much tightened. Leggings should be tight enough to cover your legs but not so tight that people are able to see every stretch in your legs, you should avoid leggings with light color or with extra transparent cloth material as it may give others a glimpse of your skin making you look worse.

leggings should not be too much loose that they get stretched and gathered at some place and instead you should try legging in trial room before purchasing it to let you know how you will look in it as most of the trial rooms have a mirror in them, so next time while purchasing a legging for you, be clever enough as to go to the trail room and try it before purchasing it. (How To Wear Leggings )

Wearing Tips For Leggings:-

1. If the lower end of leggings feels uneasy to get through your toe, you can wear polythene first on your toe to make legging easily wearable. (How To Wear Leggings )

2. Be smart enough to pair your leggings with a longer top or jacket so that it may not give a glimpse or shape of your back part or your butts to others, though i know you live in a modern society and are a educated girl/women but think again girl, though you have become modern and have a high thinking and i respect your thoughts but all people have not changed and everybody can’t ever change, if there are some good person in your circle there might be some bad chap also or you can enhance your style by wearing a skirt over a legging to make yourself even more stylish and look beautiful in a decent way. (How To Wear Leggings )

3. Leggings look great with ankle boots or sandals, remember to choose a decent and normal look, don’t chose an extra seducing outfit.

Care Tips While Wearing Leggings:-

leggings with synthetic leather as a making material can cause your skin to have some lines of tightness resembling a cut if the leggings are more tight than the usual and no matter how much good a type of legging make you look and no matter how great your body shape becomes after wearing a legging, but it can’t definitely replace jeans as while wearing a jeans and t-shirt you don’t become the wolf’s whistle type thing in the market though you still good look in a jeans either but in case of leggings, the better the fabric of a legging may be it will still reveal some of your body secrets. (How To Wear Leggings)


Why Customer Satisfaction Is Important in Today’s Business

Why Customer Satisfaction Is Important in Today's Business


In India, we say that customer is god. There is both a logic as well an inexplicable truth behind this fact in a way that when a customer gets satisfied, he is sure to remember your name once again and this makes you a step ahead from others in the field of service providing and true is when they say that the manufacturer who does not care about his or her customers is just mistakenly earning his bread and instead he should not deserve even a place in the market. Customer satisfaction is important in many ways and some of those ways have been explained by us here. (Why Customer Satisfaction Is Important)

Why Customer Satisfaction Is Important in Today's Business

Why Customer Satisfaction Is Important

1. Once Left Happy, Sure To Come Again:-

Once left happy, the customer is sure to make visits once again as the customer is never hungry for the stuff, but for respect as the stuff can be purchased from anywhere but where he or she gets respect besides the quality stuff, the customer is sure to make more visits. (Why Customer Satisfaction Is Important)

2. Though the Customer Has Left, but He Is Sure To Remind Others about Your Service:-

Daily we make lots of indirect marketing. Suppose you bought a fair and lovely tube from the market that made you really fair, you are sure to recommend it to three to four more friends. Same is the case with any shopping hub or other such service portal. Once the customer gets satisfied with you, they are sure to recommend others to make a visit at your place once as you provide a better customer service.

3. It Acts Like An Indirect Marketing Where You Don’t Even Have To Make Investments:-

When you go for making marketing for your firm, they charge a lots of bucks from you to get that job made for the generation of postures, pamphlets, television based advertisements etc. In case you provide better customer satisfaction, it acts as a kind of indirect marketing and the customers themselves recommend others to try your service rather than to visit the other service providers. (Why Customer Satisfaction Is Important)

4. Even You Feel Happy When The Customer Leaves Happy:-

It is my personal experience that when a customer leaves your firm with a heavy heart, he or she is sure to bring sadness on your face as well, but when the customer leaves your place in a happy mood, even you are likely to get happy in such cases and thus it is advised that you take care of customer satisfaction for your own satisfaction.

5. Customer Satisfaction Is a Key to Your Promotion:-

Customer satisfaction is also a key to your promotion. The more people prefer your services, the better the flow of capital is likely to increase in your hands and as the more capital gets generated, even you will feel a kind of promotion of your business and it would expand even more than earlier. You become a kind of brand with its name enough for customers when you take care of customer satisfaction and hence it is equally important as your quality of products. (Why Customer Satisfaction Is Important)


Dating Advice: How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days (6 Steps)

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days


If you wish to lose a guy in ten days like it happened in the movie that was released in 2003 with the same name featuring Kate Hudson, Matthew Mc Conaughey, Adamn Goldberg, & Bebe Neuwirth produced by Robert evans, Christine Forsyth-Peters and Lynda Obst and written by Brian Regan. In order to lose a guy, in this movie’s style, you simply need to follow what Kate Hudson had done with Matt Matthew Mc Conaughey and in order to do the same, you may choose to go for the following ways:- (How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days)

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

1. Forget About the Words That Keep You Close:-

It is always a part of your innocence that makes your lover close to you. The more you stay decent, the more will he stay attracted and the more you use good words, the more will he care about you. Simply forget about the words that make you both stay close and use an arrogant kind of behavior with him. (How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days)

2. be Arrogant and Full of Ego:-

Not just arrogant only but your words should be full of ego as well. People always stay close to the ones who just show attitude but no ego thinking that attitude is the need of hour but to have an ego with arrogance is what makes people stay away of you and this is going to work with your guy as well. (How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days)

3. Start Avoiding His Phone Calls, Whatsapp and Facebook Messages, Emails and Texts:-

While you try to ignore your guy, he or she will try to make you some messages, emails, texts, facebook messages etc. you should not try to answer these messages as this will give him another reason to stay close to you and thus you should completely avoid these texts and calls from your side so that he may get an idea that you no longer wish to remain attached with him. (How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days)

4. Simply do not answer anything sometimes:-

sometimes you should not answer simply anything and instead you should say quietly. Say he makes you a call, you should answer him once and then you should keep quiet with call kept on. Say hmm or any other word in between to make him have an idea that the phone call is still connected but you do not wish to answer him at all.

5. Avoid and Neglect:-

Simply keep on avoiding and neglecting him the most of times as it has been proven that neglection makes one get angry and an angry mind is a devil’s workshop which means even your partner is likely to get angry with this treatment from your side and thus will soon have an idea that this relation is not going to last anymore.

6. Have More Fun with People around Except To Have It with Him:-

It is not advisable from your side to pay any heed to his expressions and instead you should completely neglect him. Try to stay close with friends and the people around you but pay no heed to what he says and most of the time try to act as if you take no interest in what he says. This will make you lose him in no time. (How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days)


How to Delete an Email Address

How to Delete an Email Address


An email address is a way for you to be equipped enough to send and receive mails or the messages to the other email users and your email address is the way to enter or log in to your account. It even opens a way for you to access the other services like sending SMS, making a login to the other connected social networking websites and also in some other purposes like filling government sector related recruitment forms as well. In some of the cases it has been noticed that some individuals start troubling you with multiple fake accounts and in order to maintain privacy or to get rid of the unwanted, there is a great need to delete that email address and in order to go for the same, you may choose to follow the tips that we are mentioning here. (How to Delete an Email Address)

How to Delete an Email Address

How to Delete an Email Address

1. Make A Log-In:-

In order to delete your Email address, first of all you will need to switch on the data connection in your device and then reach some good browser. Now in the address bar of the browser, you simply need to write the web address of the website of the email address that you are using like www.yahoo.com or www.redeiffmail.com  or www.gmail.com  and the website’s home page will get opened. (How to Delete an Email Address)

2. Go To the Account Settings Gear:-

Now, after making the desired login by entering both, your username as well as password, the account of the specific mailing engine will get opened and there at the top you will see the account setting gear. It may even be found at the either of the sides of your hand as well in some of the cases. (How to Delete an Email Address)

3. Reach the Account Preferences Section:-

Now when you have finished finding the account setting gear, there will be an account preferences section where you can set the desired preferences for your account. Now in this section, you can make the changes that you desire and these changes include the one to delete your account permanently.

How to Consolidate Debts ?

4. Make a Click on the Delete Account Option:-

If you wish to delete the mailing account permanently, you simply need to make a click on the delete account permanently option and click the OK button. This will redirect you to the account deletion process that may ask you to provide the password as well as may ask you to enter the captcha words or the voice letters to get ahead for deletion job. (How to Delete an Email Address)

5. Click the OK Button and Provide Password if needed:-

Now, after you click the OK button, and enter the password if required, the account will be sent forward for the deletion process that may even take some time that will be specified with the help of a window with a message depicted over the screen.

How to Move Emails to Spam in Gmail

6. You May Instead Even Choose To Delete Some Selected Products As Well:-

In case you wish to delete your account just for the privacy purposes, you may instead choose to limit some of the features instead of deleting the whole account or else if somebody is troubling you, you may also choose to block him or her instead of deleting the whole account. (How to Delete an Email Address)