Why Should We Hire You For Freshers

Why Should We Hire You For Freshers


When you have freshly completed any professional course or your academic studies, you are called a fresher as you have no experience and in such a stage. At this point of time any company or recruiter who picks you up has to get you trained first to take work done from your side. The company’s recruiting team thus has to spend a great pain in hiring you as a fresher as one wrong decision taken by their side may prove to be wrong for the sake of entire company. The recruiters thus are but obvious expected to ask you this question that why should they hire you despite of being aware of the fact that you are a fresher. The possible answers to this question may be elaborated as follows:-

Why Should We Hire You For Freshers

Why Should We Hire You For Freshers

1. Nobody Is Born Perfect Sir, We Learn All After Coming To This World Only:-

When you are asked the question, why should you be hired for being a fresher, your immediate answer should be that no one is born perfect from the mother’s womb. We learn everything after coming to this world and if for sure I am not experienced, I am not even a handicapped one. I am sure to learn everything within some time and I am sure I can be beneficial for the firm if given a chance.

2. You Can Check My Academic Records, I Have Been A Good Student and I Would Be A Good Worker:-

The recruiter is sure to ask you then, why do you think you would be able to achieve what you are saying. In such a case you should simply answer that you have been an excellent learner while in your academic career and a good student and a good learner as well. You have not still been a worker, but you are sure that once given a chance you will stay on the top list in it as well.

3. Sir One Chance is always needed to prove yourself:-

Simply say that no one is born perfect and without giving someone a chance, you can’t say that he can’t be successful in life. Simply say that what you need is just a chance and when you get it, you will prove what newcomers can do for the company.

4. Even You Would Have Stayed a Fresher Sometime Sir:-

If the recruiter still looks unsatisfied, simply ask him a question, even you would have remained a fresher some day sir. If you won’t have been given a chance, could you be selected as a recruiter and would you be sitting here asking questions from me? Everybody needs an initial chance, sir.

5. I Don’t Want To Boast About Anything Sir, Just Give Me A Chance And See Yourself:-

If they ask you what sort of benefits can you make for the company, simply say that you need not wish to boast about anything and instead say that if they give you a chance, it might be that you make a mistake in beginning but the same mistake won’t be repeated ever again and that you will keep on learning each coming day.


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