What Is Microcytic Anemia, Symptoms And Causes


This type of anemia is just an outcome of the failure of hemoglobin synthesis that can be caused by a number of etiological factors in the individual suffering from anemia. I.E. Heme synthesis effect according to which the lack of iron causes the anemia and the others like anemia of chronic disease which is most commonly present as a nomopcytic form of anemia. The others like the globin synthesis defect and various other unstable hemoglobin diseases and sideroblastic anemia are also responsible for this disease in the individual.

What Is Microcytic Anemia

What Is Microcytic Anemia, Symptoms And Causes

This disease can be divided further into “megaloblastic anemia” that is caused generally with the neutrophil hypersegmentation or the second one being “nonmegaloblastic macrocytic anemia”. That causes an un-impaired synthesis of globin in deoxy-ribo-nuclicacid.

Lack of folic acid due to the neurological symptoms or vitamin 12 deficiency due to the lack of the intrinsic factors may be due to improper intake of them. Alcoholism may even result in macrocytosis that can not be called anemia specifically as the other types of liver problems are also likely to occur this situation in an individual.

Women in pregnancy and the infants and babies need iron to a much more extent. Digestive tract issues are even likely to occur when there is excessive intake of iron. The low levels of iron may result in a low incorporation of hemoglobin in the red blood corpussles. The anemia developing among school girls may decrease their concentration in their studies and may result in poor acedemic performance. Medical drugs like methotrexate, zidovudine, and other substances are likely to inhibit the replication of deoxyribo neuclic acid in an individual.

Lack of iron can also make a type of abnormal fissuring to occur on the lips of a person. The most common cause of the lack of iron is a parasitic infestation including the hookworms, amebiasis, schistosomiasis and whipworms that lower down the iron level in an individual. Mnegablastic anemia being the most common form of macrocytic anemia is due to the lack of vitamin b12 or the folic acid or both of them.

The anemia that is caused by the lack of iron occurs when there is insufficient or improper amount of iron in a person’s diet that can not meet his daily requirements. Iron is an crucial and necessary part of the hemoglobin of an individual so every body should take a diet rich in iron to be away from anemia.