What Is Online Shopping


The shopping that is made online is known as online shopping or we may say that shopping that is made without physically going to the market and is made sitting at your home with a gadget in your hands is known as online shopping. The process of online shopping simply includes a shopping website providing the stuff and the buyer may open that web site on any gadget with internet access in it and the buyer may view the images of the stuff online and add them to his cart looking the price list. Many of the shopping sites today offer free home delivery options also. Thus online shopping becomes the way of electronic commerce that allows the consumers to directly purchase the goods or the services from a seller over the web using a web browser.

What Is Online Shopping

What Is Online Shopping

Advantages of Online Shopping :-

Generally when a person goes to the market to purchase anything, he or she has to spend the money on the petrol or the diesel in the vehicle or if he or she uses a public transport the money that used to be spent on the transportation is thus saved with the usage of shopping sites as everybody with a smart phone has a data pack in it moreover the time of people is saved and they are able to choose the product without physically going anywhere and the product comes itself to their doorstep as some companies today are even offering free home delivery options, Moreover the payment can be made by using a credit card or an A.T.M card that becomes a facility that you have not to carry any paper money with you to shop anything and some companies even offer extra discount to their customers if they purchase anything through their credit cards or the ATM cards.

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Disadvantages Of Online Shopping :-

Though online shopping appears to be the revolutionary way for the shopaholics but there are certain drawbacks of it also as the person going for online shopping needs to have a data pack and all the people can’t afford to have data all the time or to have the gadget with web access all the time and moreover the purchased item if found to be of no use can’t be claimed though many of the shopping sites say they have the procedure of replacement of the purchased goods but the goods to be replaced needs to be sent back to the company with courier service and that becomes a risky process for the customer and there are some issues related with the payment that can’t be solved and the person is likely to suffer mental harassment also.